Volunteer Recognition

img 3115Recognition of volunteers by staff and committee members

All staff and Committee members at Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre are to treat volunteers with respect and support. Staff or Committee members are accountable for volunteers under their supervision and must be present when their volunteer is in the building. No volunteer should be left alone in the building.

Volunteer reward and acknowledgement

  • Discount for courses

Because the work of volunteers is appreciated and valued by the Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre, volunteers are able to recoup some of the time spent volunteering as discounted entry to courses. All volunteers must keep a record of the hours worked at the Centre. For every hour of work, the volunteer is able to receive a $1 discount on a course run by the Neighbourhood Centre. This could amount to, for example, participating in a $50 course for no fee once 50 hours of work has been completed. The only restriction on this is that, if a course needs a minimum number of participants in order to run, any volunteers participating at no cost to themselves must be in addition to the required minimum number. This is necessary so that the financial viability of courses is not jeopardised.

  • Volunteer activities will be highlighted in the newsletter whenever possible.
  • Volunteer contributions will be recognized at the Annual General meeting.
  • All volunteers should be sent a birthday card, and where possible, a morning tea should be held for long term volunteers.
  • Volunteers will be invited to special events at the Centre.
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