Expectations of Volunteers

When working for Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre volunteers are expected to:
  • Be reliable and punctual
  • Undertake voluntary work according to the policies and practices of the Centre
  • Participate positively in the team effort to achieve the goals of the Centre
  • Be willing to accept direction from the Coordinator or their designated officer
  • Follow the Centre’s guidelines for privacy, confidentiality and access and equity
  • Carry out duties in a non-judgemental manner
  • Undertake training and evaluation as required.
  • Be honest
  • Keep Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre advised of change of address and contact details
  • Inform Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre of any pre-existing medical condition or special needs
  • Report any injury immediately
  • Ask for support if needed
  • Agree to work in a safe manner and not jeopardize the health and safety of others
Volunteers may bring their children with them but it is their responsibility to supervise their children and ensure that they do not interfere with any course or activity that is operating at the Centre. Volunteers may use child care services “free of charge” if it is operating and positions are available during their allotted time at the Centre.
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