Commencing as a Volunteer


Upon commencement all volunteers will receive 1. This volunteer manual 2. Membership Form (if not already a member) 3. Copy of Role Description if appropriate 4. Latest copy of Neighbourhood Natter5. Name badge 6. Code of Conduct 7. Emergency Contact Form At this stage volunteers will be required to complete the confidential medical form for use in the event of emergency medical assistance being required for them, and to sign the Code of Conduct form. The Coordinator will hold an induction session for each volunteer. Induction should include:

  • A review of the volunteer’s role or position description and any training required to commence the position
  • Information about Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre including the current program and Volunteer Manual
  • Familiarisation with the building, including:
    • Tea making facilities Staff pigeon holes
    • Volunteer sign in/out book Toilets
    • Office equipment if required Emergency exits
  • An introduction to paid staff, tutors and other volunteers as appropriate.
  • Introduction to a specific staff member or experienced volunteer appointed to them to provide guidance, support and feedback.
  • Encouragement to wear name badge
  • Explanation of arrival and departure procedures
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