Commencing as a Volunteer


Within two weeks of completing and returning the Volunteer Participation Form to the Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre, prospective volunteers will be invited to attend a personal interview with the Coordinator to discuss their application. The purpose of the meeting is to:
  • get to know the volunteers – what they are doing now and their background
  • ascertain their areas of interest
  • confirm their availability
  • enquire about any special needs
  • discuss current or future volunteer opportunities
  • explain BNC expectations of volunteers
If possible, the Coordinator and prospective volunteer should agree on an appropriate volunteering opportunity and commencement date. The following are considered essential for engagement as a volunteer with Beaconsfield Neighbourhood Centre:
  • demonstrated interest in working with the community
  • demonstrated ability to communicate effectively with others
  • demonstrated skills in the areas where the voluntary contribution is required
The Coordinator will make their recommendation to a member of the Committee of Management Executive for approval. The Volunteer Participant Form will also be provided to the Executive member for their information. The Coordinator will advise the next general Committee meeting of the appointment/refusal of the volunteer’s application.